Recover of my WARRIOR… My dear Petra is getting better and better… all story

Some time ago I have one of the worst day of my life… “Petra” had a horrible accident, that affected the spinal cord and stay paralyse Several days in her legs, weeks of pain, terrify in losing her… But in that day I say in your ear that I will cross the world but you will walk again. I need to thanks Dr. Nuno Onofre ( Vetalbu) for the first help, then to Dr. João Ribeiro and all the team ( Referência Veterinária) for all the profissional work and now Dra. Cátia Mota Sá and her team ( Reabilitação Veterinária – Cátia Sá) for the fantastic work and keep me believe…your phisio, acupuncture, and all the things you do…. You are the BEST. Thank you so much my vets Catarina Leao ( centro clínico animal gmr) and the rest of the team for being always here in support.. I would like to thank for the heart to Nathalie FerreiraHelena FerreiraGuilherme BernardaBernar Carro LopezPedro MagalhãesAna Rita Alves and my family for all the good vibes and always support…. You will stay in my heart forever…. Finally thank you “Petra” for you focus, always fight, you are a WARRIOR .. Love you my dear we will run again togheter I promise you!!! Please don’t ask how happen because I don’t want remember that day…

At this time she is recover, is now independent, doing is life of course with some limit but already swim as well… we will fight every single day that you keep doing better… lets goooo

Petra on TV 🙂